Say What? Odd English.


I have personally never been to ‘The Orient’, by which I mean China, Japan, or either of the Koreas. I really don’t have any immediate plans to do so, but were I to suddenly change my mind and decide that subjecting myself to sticking out like the biggest sore thumb ever, I can rest comfortably at least knowing that these foreign countries will do their damnedest to cater to my language of choice (see: English) by translating all of their products for me. Obviously there are enough of us Americans over in Asia to warrant this necessity, and that, readers, is what makes this all the more humorous. You see, translations are a tad difficult when converting from, say, Japanese to American English. Not only that, but it’s fucking hilarious! Why do I bring all this up, you ask? Well, I happened to stumble on where they have graciously gathered a shit load of said mis-translations under one convenient web site! So, I perused for a long, long while and borrowed twenty of their images for use with my own personal comments. Do yourself a favor though, and waste a few hours over there. Fun is best had! Now you read!

33th anniversary special

I had a great time at the 32st!


Maybe we better ask the kid in the bright yellow hat first. He might object.

back wilds

It's good to know his Pussing has gained such notoriety.

battered crap stick

Nice. The crap stick down the street is like two bucks.

corn poops

Luckily corn comes out looking the same way it went in, or this wouldn't be good at all.

dont get over the handrail

It still loves you... I promise.

dont know how to apologize

I'll just have to kill myself over your inconvenience...

dont stampede

Until you're up on the toilet and out of the way. I mean we don't want anyone hurt, right?

engrish shredder

Though they're all gold, at least the 5th warning cautions us about potential fair outbreaks.

fried crap

It's the Royal Style Sauce that really does it for me.

funny and safe

Ha ha! Say, they're right!

leave the fun on

We're not done with it yet.

not allowed to pregnant

You're also not allowed to sex, angry, or colorful, but that's beside the point.

pay attention

It's trying to tell you something!

please ask our stuff

Yeah, and while you're down there...

sould out

I got the blues so bad...

strictly slapstick chase

Yeah, and get Benny Hill and those Keystone Cops in here, too.


It sure is.


I guess you gotta buy 'em somewhere.

toilet the oriental spirit

If ya gotta pee, pee in style.