The Scariest Part of REC Just Got Scarier

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[REC] is easily one of the greatest horror movies of the last few years. It has everything you could want from a movie that’s only purpose is to scare the hell out of you. Action, gore and a cleavage shot you’ll never not feel bad for ogling. People are dying asshole, stop staring at her chest.

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Dude, we said stop.

Also from this point on, there are spoilers.

By far the scariest part of the entire film, and dare we say, any film in recent memory, is the final scene in which the cast encounter Niña Medeiros. Or as we the audience referred to her, “Holy-whattheshittingfuck-is that?”

Now we’re about to ruin your day and give you the exact opposite of an erection, because believe it or not, that scene contains no CGI. That impossibly thin seven-foot tall figure was completely real. And it belonged to a man — Javier Botet. Since we really like messing with you, here’s a completely normal looking picture of him just chilling.

What you don’t see though is that Javier has a top-notch tailor; underneath that suit is something you really wouldn’t expect. You see, Javier suffers from Marfan Syndrome, which gives him abnormally thin, elongated limbs, shovel sized hands and long tapered fingers. However, far from letting this get him down, Javier turned this into an acting career and used his condition to score several acting roles, one of which was Niña Medeiros. We said we’d make [REC] scarier, so here’s Javier in full costume. It’s linked because it’s not safe for work. Also because clicking that link means you get to see how truly terrifying Niña Medeiros is when not basked in complete darkness.

It’s the exact opposite situation to that of the unknown creature from Cloverfield, which looked retarded when we saw what it looked like during the day and in toy form.

The creature from [REC] on the other hand… that shit will haunt your dreams forever, especially since she’s totally on Facebook. That’s closer than your dreams, you spend way more time on there than you do sleeping.

Happy Halloween.