The Scariest Swing in the World

Casa del Arbol swing 560x418

Halloween is coming and as always, we like to think of new ways to combine our adventurous adult lifestyles with childhood memories of yesterday, all twisted with the spooky spirit of the holiday. So if you are looking for an alternative way to celebrate Halloween this year, and if you’re courageous – or crazy and stupid enough – then visit Ecuador for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

On an isolated mountain in a remote part of Ecuador, you can go swinging, but not in your childhood playground way.  This is a game that very few people would dare – swinging over a cliff out into empty air, riding the Swing at the End of the World.

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Even getting there is a challenge. First you reach the small city of Baños by bus, and then go on foot along the road to Bellavista. It’s at Bellavista that you’ll find La Casa del Arbol station, a literal treehouse with spectacular views across a canyon – and a swing for the stout-hearted… or foolhardy. So even if you merely just get there, and never dare to swing above death itself, you will still be richly rewarded by the magnificent vistas of the beautiful mountains and lush flora of the region, as well as the famous Tungurahua volcano.

Really now… don’t some of these views remind you of the surrealistic and foreboding dreams that disquiet the victims in psychological thrillers right before they’re massacred or something?

That video alone make us want to cower under the blankets.  It’s not for nothing that it’s called “The Swing at the End of the World.”