Back to School Gadget Guide and Giveaway with Quirky

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It’s Back to School time for College kids around the country, and this year we’ve decided to team up with the good folks at Quirky, to feature some of their latest gadgets for your dorm room. As you can see from the graphic above, you can get their stuff shipped free this week, but we’ll also have the items you see below available for giveaway. Check out the paragraph at the bottom to find out how to enter.

Quirky is a different kind of gadget company, with a modern approach to designing products. This video is pretty long, but does a great job of explaining what Quirky is, and how they operate :

Each product you see below was developed by Quirky and their community :

Scribe – Study Where You Sleep

Quirky Scribe

Work smarter, not harder. Scribe is a modular desk for your bed that hangs when it’s not in use. Sleek features that hold your books and keep pens from rolling out of reach help you stay organized, while the unique hanging function keeps everything close at hand. College just got a little easier!

We tried this out, and while we found it a bit bulky for our needs (we're no longer in School), something like this would have been ideal back in our dorm-dwelling days.

Features :

  • Designed to hang securely on standard dorm room bed frames
  • Two work surfaces to alternate writing and working on a laptop
  • Convenient carrying handle
  • Five elastic loops for pens and pencils (three on each side)
  • Two elastic straps to hold a laptop, books or binders safely

Quirky Scribe 2

Metal Cordies – Keep Cables On The Table

Quirky Cordies

It’s no surprise that Cordies is beautiful. People love displaying it on their desks! So we took it one step further and made a high-end version that matches the modern aesthetic. Metal Cordies is made of sleek metal with black accents. Cordies is our classic cable organization product that’s in a class of its own. It keeps all of your cables organized and weighted down: phone chargers, digital camera cords, audio cables… whatever isn’t in use but shouldn’t be flopping around.

We've seen numerous home-made solutions to this problem over the years, because a simple but amazing product didn't exist for this ridiculously common aggravation. Now it does.


  • 5 rubber grips with 4 slots, each of which can hold the ends of several cords
  • Weighted base for stability
  • Small footprint (fits even the most cluttered workspaces)
  • Tight grip keeps smaller cables USB and headphone cords in line
Slice – It’s Cutting Edge

Quirky Slice

Look sharp while serving! Slice is a pizza cutter wheel with dual crust cutting blades for smooth slicing. The soft contoured design fits in the palm of your hand and leverages body weight for easy rolling. When dinner’s over, cleanup’s a snap.

At first this seems like a solution in seek of a problem, until you give it a try and realize this is the best pizza cutter you've ever used.


  • Sharp stainless steel pizza wheel
  • Dual crust blades on both sides of pizza wheel
  • Handheld design eases strain on hands and wrists
  • Soft handheld piece makes for easier gripping
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean
Converge – Rest and Recharge

Quirky Converge

Show your gadgets some love! Converge is a docking station that shows off your electronics while they charge. Wires slip in easily, stay in place with the help of soft TPE grips, and stay out of sight.

It seems like every week we have a new gadget come into our office that needs to be charged, and this puppy can manage that nest of cords and different shaped and sized devices with ease.


  • “Stash” cable management makes it easy to stow wires
  • 4 USB outlets
  • Curved to allow your electronics to nestle in place while charging
  • Powered with external power source with a range of 110-240v
  • Designed to manage charging cables for both bottom-connected (iPad, iPhone, etc.) and side-connected (cameras, Blackberries, etc.) accessories.
Plug Hub – Your Desk, Untangled.

Quirky Plug Hub

Keep your cords clean and concealed with Plug Hub, an under-desk cord management station that hides your power strip and cords in one discreet unit.

This is the stupidly simple product that we've been waiting for ever since we owned our first computer. We currently have cords from a Laptop, Monitor, Television, DVR, and eyetvHD hiding in this brilliant little box.


  • Openings on the top of the unit direct your cords neatly to your power strip.
  • Three integrated cord anchors let you wrap up and hide longer cords.
  • Sit Plug Hub on its rubber bottom or on its back, or mount it to a wall.
  • Made from rigid plastic with a rubber “foot” on the bottom.
  • Charcoal, with a light blue base.
Enter to Win!

Would you like to win one of the items you’ve seen featured above? Well it’s really simple, just respond in the comment section below (and check the box to post to Facebook) and let us know which item on this list is your favorite. We’ll randomly select winners next week, and ship the product to you!