Screenframing by Fangirl Quest

Screenframing 1 560x236Fans have been traveling to visit the sites of their favorite movies and television shows for decades. It’s a fairly popular activity, visiting the real site of where fictional magic happens. Normally the visit is documented with a photograph or video, which is possibly displayed afterwards on a Facebook page along side the original scene.

The creative bloggers at FanGirl Quest have taken this activity to a new level with their technique they call Screenframing. As you can see above, they hold up the image from the film or show on an iPad, when they take their travel photos. Obviously careful attention is given to make sure things line up exactly. They document their visits on their blog, and even give you Google Maps information for where you can find these famous spots.

So far their collection is fairly limited, likely by where they’ve been able to travel, and what scenes interest them in particular. However they’re still quite fabulous and we’ve selected some of our favorites to share with you below. See their site, FanGirl Quest for much more, and to see what real world setting for fictional entertainment they travel to next. Hopefully their work will inspire others to go forth and create their own Screenframes.