Sears Wants You To Cook Babies

Somebody’s having a little fun in the Website management department at Sears. Found in the Human Cooking section and the Grills to Cook Babies and More subsection is the Body Part Roaster. Mmm, baby! The other, other white meat (maybe also aimed at this woman). TMZ first reported the goof, which listed any grill under “Human Cooking”. Here’s a link to the page that Sears quickly fixed. And here’s what it looked like for a brief period yesterday:

Sears Human Cooking

There might have just been a bit of space dust on the website, however. It really meant to say “Grills to Cook for Babies and More”. You know, cause it’s a cooking website! And despite the quick fix, you can still Google it:

Sears Google 560x243

Here’s the problem with the whole thing. I ordered the Body Part Roaster thinking I could use it to cook babies. Now I find out it won’t, and Sears won’t refund my money. Plus, upon telling my friend about this, one had a heart attack. Now Sears has my money and killed my friend. Time for a class action lawsuit…

Baby the other white meat 560x448