Seattle Sounders Let Fans Vote for GM

Sounders CheerleadersWe’ve heard of fans second guessing team management, but the Seattle Sounders of Major League Soccer have taken that process to the next level. According to this report from Oregon Live, the team will let fans vote on whether to retain or replace General Manager Adrian Hanauer starting October 7th.

Drew Carey Seattle SoundersThe vote was the brainchild of minority owner and Price is Right host Drew Carey, who likened the process to a presidential election. Carey expressed faith that the fans, who regularly watch and attend games, would make the right decision.

“I had one person say, ‘You let the fans vote? What do the fans know?’ That was exactly the phrase. And I go, ‘Well, the fans know as much as the sports reporters know. The fans know if somebody isn’t doing a good job. Everybody knows.’ That was my argument from the first time I told [Sounders majority owner] Joe Roth about it. I said everybody knows when a general manager’s not doing a good job. It’s no secret.’

The good news for Hanauer, the team has limited voting to season ticket holders and members of the team’s (paid) fan club, which should limit the involvement of random internet voters.

(Oregon Live Via Reddit)