Send Justin Bieber to North Korea

justin bieber

Justin Bieber has decided to let you, his loyal “fans”, decide where he’s going to perform his next concert. While there is no “anywhere but here” option, they do have a few destinations that sound appealing.

Unfortunately for Bieber, his managers definitely didn’t think this one through since they forgot to take North Korea off the voting options. Fortunately for us, that’s exactly where we want to see him go (and, by the looks of it, that’s where everyone else wants to send him too). Now, voting is already well underway, but there is still time left to decide where you want to see Bieber go.

You can only vote for one country every 20 minutes; however, it looks like you’re allowed to vote in as many countries as your heart desires. While North Korea tops the list, you may want to also consider: Antarctica, Lebanon, Myanmar (Burma), Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and, well, the list goes on. Seriously, what were they thinking?