Seven Deadly Sins Statues

GLUTTONYGKT10001 560x420

We’ve seen the Seven Deadly Sins in digital art and film (possibly in literature, too, but who has time to read?), and now Geek Toys is taking this lovely concept a step further by releasing resin statues of each character. The price? $110 each, bringing the complete series to $770 plus shipping. You pretty much need to be suffering from each of these personality traits, like a real-life Eric Cartman, to go for this collection, assuming you have room on the shelf with your much cheaper Todd McFarlane creations.

The line starts with Gluttony and Pride, with the rest to follow throughout the year. Get them from Big Bad Toy Store. Or, if you don’t have $770, download the wallpapers.


GKT10000 560x420

WRATHGKT10002 560x420

SLOTHGKT10005 560x420

GREEDGKT10003 560x420

LUSTGKT10006 560x420

ENVYGKT10004 560x420