Seven Sweet Saxophone Songs

Saxophone Feature 560x219Guitars are great, drums are dope, and the bass is ace, but nothing quite soulfully ties together a rock song like the sweet sounding saxophone. And now I will stop alliterating, I swear. I’m not Dr. Seuss over here! So the saxophone then… it is rich, brassy, and most certainly adds a delightful touch of sophistication to any song of which it’s a part. What follows are some of music history’s most well known sexy saxy songs. Hey, it’s nearly summer and it’s sultry and sweaty… Okay, okay I’ll stop.

1) Baker Street – Gerry Rafferty

Fun Fact: Rafferty’s former band, Steelers Wheel (“Stuck in the Middle With You”) broke up in 1975 and this was his first release in 1978. And now you know!

2) The Rolling Stones – Waiting on a Friend

Fun Fact: The saxophonist on this song is Sonny Rollins. Mick Jagger was a bit worried he wouldn’t want to sully his jazz rep by playing with the Stones. It obviously all worked out. Neat!

3) Beastie Boys – Brass Monkey

Fun Fact: The song samples the sax line from “Bring it Here” by Wild Sugar. Wow!

4) Men at Work – Who Can it Be Now

Fun Fact: The blowsy sax refrains come from Greg Hamm in this song literally about a man going crazy from bill collectors. Yes, I said blowsy.

5) Spandau Ballet – True

Fun Fact: The song, in part, is a tribute to Marvin Gaye! Who knew?

6) Pink Floyd – Money

Fun Fact: Dick Perry provides the sax for this song unusually recorded in 7/4 time signature. Also there’s clinking coins! I’m helpful!

7) Madness – One Step Beyond

Fun Fact: The opening monologue is from the Prince Buster song, “Scorcher”. Incidentally, Prince Buster first recorded “One Step Beyond”. But Madness’ version fared much better. And knowing is half the battle.