72 Classic MAD Magazine Covers

Mad Cover 560x219Al Jaffee, a legendary Mad Magazine illustrator for 65 years, turned 100 years old in 2021. If ever there were a publication that has defined generation after generation since 1952; openly mocked a society, viciously jabbed at the establishment, and trod with angry shoes on ‘The Man’, MAD magazine definitely wasn’t it. Ha, just kidding! You see I was using reverse ridiculing there, much akin to MAD Magazine itself. Yes, MAD Magazine first made its news stand appearance in 1952 and has been going, more or less, strong ever sense. But more often than not, it wasn’t what was going on inside the mag -with its open contempt and harsh jeering- but rather what was pictured on the cover.

The covers, much like Time, Newsweek, The New Yorker, and their ilk, became instant classic pieces of art and treasured as enduring masterpieces. Nah, they were garbage and better as bird cage lining. Ha! I did it again with the jokes! So let’s get on with it, shall we? Here we have 72 of MAD’s most enduring and memorable magazine covers. Why 72? Because seventy would have been too even, and seventy-five would have made too much sense… and this is how MAD would have wanted it. On with the show. Oh, right, if you wanna see all covers that MAD has done in its entire history, definitely check out Doug Gilford’s MAD Cover Site. And a big thanks to ’em!

mad004printid 560x830

We’re starting off with issue 4. It’s not that the first 3 were any better or worse, but this one really represents the classic, “What, Me Worry?” attitude later adopted by spokesman, Alfred E. Neuman.


mad007printid 560x835

Here we have the classic take on both inept private investigators and the obvious appeal of the sexiness of women. I love the giant thug on the right who’s obviously been involved in some serious criminal activity completely ignored. Classic.


mad011printid 560x839

To know Basil Wolverton’s artwork is to know a true genius. His “Producer of Preposterous Pictures of Peculiar People who Prowl this Perplexing Planet” graced comics and mags from Marvel to MAD.


mad014printid 560x841

What could be more of a jab at classic works than incorporating MAD’s traditional ‘smut’ into a painting so revered by the world? Not much.


mad018printid 560x811

This is MAD’s first attempt at getting its readers into the action by offering them a dot-to-dot puzzle! You can clearly see that it’s some kind of sex-starved ‘masher’ getting cozy with a terrified woman. Ah the 50’s…


mad027printid 560x758

Not only is this an absolute who’s who of the 50’s parting the path for ‘Baby New Year’, but you can clearly see who would quickly become the very face of MAD itself: Alfred E. Neuman.


mad030printid 560x762

This would mark the first of many, many covers shirking the traditional voting process by imploring the readers to write in for Neuman. Hell, chances are he’d have made a far better president just about every time he ran. Which was a lot.


mad039printid 560x758

Made long before Photo-Mosaics were even conceived, this cover shows many of the year’s famous faces combined with specific lights and darks to create the mug of Mr. E. Neuman. Very nicely done.


mad041printid 560x757

The funny thing about this cover -aside from the obvious unfinished look and the absurd paint-by-number instructions- is the fact that Frank Kelly Freas actually was courted by many magazines to do their covers. He hung with mad from ’58 through ’62, though, Can’t imagine why…


mad048printid 560x753

It isn’t so much the expression on Alfred’s face (that had almost too subtle a change from his norm), nor was it the iconic use of Uncle Sam in the time of conflict. No, it was Al’s body language. Basically as if to say, “You really want ME?” Awesome.


mad057printid 560x765

It’s always funny to use self deprecation to sell. MAD was a master at it, and this cover is easily one of its finest attempts. Fly swatters are disgusting after being used, and this mag could only get worse…


mad068printid 560x759

This marks the very first cover by years-long artist, Don Martin. When it came to absurd, rubber faced people surrounded by goofy sound effects, Martin was the master.


mad076printid 560x758

This cover offers a great feel of the clueless, talentless first-year art student to. Trust me, I’ve been there. The poor attempt to correctly copy a piece of the cover onto the cover in a nice juxtaposed paradox. Or is it?


mad082printid 560x761

Was it wise to poke fun at Fidel Castro by giving him an exploding version of the one thing his country has never allowed exportation of to the US? Damn right it was.


mad085printid 560x759

Not a whole lot needs to be said here. But just look were Alfred’s snowball hit Lincoln. Ouch.


mad093printid 560x758

But of course Alfred is balancing one of those ‘Impossible Shapes’ optical illusion things on his finger with his typical quizzical look on his fur-eyed face… wait, what?


mad101printid 560x758

Oh Alfred, that’s not how you do it! It’s supposed to be a school book with a small comic inside… oh, I see… jokes.


mad105printid 560x767

The first of lots and lots of Batman covers features that classic Adam West and Burt Ward duo from TV, only with a weird little twist.


mad109printid 560x756

Well of course that’s what Neuman’s tooth brush looks like. Why wouldn’t it?


mad111printid 560x762

I’m not sure what’s more uncomfortable about this cover. Is it the many faces of an already creepy Alfred E. Neuman? Maybe. Or, perhaps it’s the one subtle difference of the Oriental version in the upper right corner. Just wait, you’ll see it.


mad121printid 560x757

If this cover comes as a surprise to anyone, then it’s obvious that you weren’t aware of the Beatles turn to Krishna for a spell in the mid 60’s. This mock-up pokes fun at that time like only MAD can.


mad126printid 560x761

Back with the Uncle Sam slams, only this time, it’s the American Icon himself doing the literal jabbing. ‘Who Needs You’ indeed.


mad134printid 560x769

Once again Alfred shows us that he is the master of absurd impossibilities.


mad138printid 560x755

A very simple cover that stomps flat a truly iconic image: Snoopy on his doghouse. The poor pup looks not only angry, but totally out of his element.


mad148printid 560x754

Yet another version of their timeless ‘Unfinished’ covers. But there’s something very strange about this one… look at the paint roller. Impossible I tell you!


mad153printid 560x752

Poking fun at Elections is literally Old Hat for Mad. And that’s exactly the point their trying to get across here.


mad154printid 560x757

Quite possibly one of the most iconic MAD covers of all time. No Presidential japes, no bizarre creatures… just Alfred E. Neuman eating corn. For the most part.


mad157printid 560x757

When MAD ‘apes’ a film franchise, they don’t mess around. And honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if this was how Al actually looks under his face.


mad165printid 560x757

Don Martin is back. And this time… well, I suppose it’s poking fun at the new Arcade craze where games like this electronic driving machine were the rage.


mad166printid 560x764

This cover needs no explanation. F you too, guys… F you too.


mad180printid 560x766

The guys at MAD know how to take a classic movie poster and amp it up to ridiculous levels. This shark is obviously in no mood to eat Alfred. Who would be?


mad191printid 560x757

As far as ransom note magazine covers go, this is definitely one of them. But it also happens to be one of the finest.


mad194printid 560x753

The first of many classic MAD covers featuring Rocky. In fact, every Rocky film received a MAD mock-up. But you gotta laugh at Al’s choice of boxing gear.


mad196printid 560x759

Just as with all great film franchises, MAD is at the forefront of making fun of them. This is the original Star Wars cover and certainly one of the most classic MAD covers of all time.


mad198printid 560x764

I honestly don’t remember items without UPC labels, but MAD sure does! This is definitely a great way to stick it to the establishment, and as original is it got then.


mad205printid 560x749

Grease as huge when it first hit the screens and well worth a MAD homage. I had no idea Danny Zucko’s hair was that greasy.


mad215printid 560x751

Much like Alfred eating corn on the cob, this half-bitten apple pokes fun at this iconic character’s missing tooth.


mad220printid 560x752

The second classic Star Wars cover and quite possibly even more iconic than the first. Alfred E. Yoda, as it were.


mad223printid 560x759

Not so much notable for the J.R. Ewing rib, but more for the fact that it was drawn by Sam Viviano. Sam is one of the finest caricaturists working today, and he still occasionally does so for MAD.


mad227printid 560x754

Awesome lettering graphics and a disgusting pizza. Perfect match.


mad233printid 560x757

A complete copy of TIME magazine’s cover from the same month. Only far better.


mad236printid 560x752

Not just an amazing jape of the ET phenom, but also one of the few times where Alfred has his missing tooth. Classic.


mad238printid 560x750

A salute to Darwinism… this is evolution? Yeah probably.


mad242printid 560x752

And now the third in the Star Wars covers. Gotta love an Alfred Ewok Neuman and a Darth T.


mad249printid 560x750

I really don’t think this one needs an explanation. Just the same, Alfred makes a damn ugly Mogwai, doesn’t he?


mad258printid 560x756

And so came the business and home computers. Good grief was society in for it.


mad263printid 560x747

And yet another where Al gets a visit from the tooth fairy. This time, another jab at the UPC labels. Nicely done.


mad265printid 560x756

Here we have another interesting paradox: MAD making fun of a card series that originally poked fun of a popular doll. And a damn fine job it is, too.


mad269printid 560x760

Sometimes MAD even found room to poke fun at a piece of pop culture that was destined for failure. Why was Max Headroom even popular?


mad274printid 560x754

A classic cover of a classic drama for sure, but again it’s the artist focused on here. Mort Drucker was and is to MAD what Norman Rockwell was to The New Yorker.


mad277printid 560x757

Not the first nor the last MAD cover to feature Michael Jackson, but certainly one of the best.


mad285printid 560x741

It’s easy to make fun of a piece of entertainment that consistently makes fun of itself. It’s nice that all you see of Alfred is his legs.


mad292printid 560x739

Like the cover featuring Pac-Man, this cover mocks one of Nintendo’s greatest gifts to the video game industry for the first time.


mad296printid 560x740

What would generally be considered a typical jab at professional baseball is made all the better by another classic MAD artist, Jack Davis. He’s still in the business and you can even follow him on Twitter!


mad299printid 560x746

Bart Simpson? Who’s that? Yeah right…


mad304printid 560x743

This is funny on a lot of levels! Somehow Alfred’s arm can break the laws of space and time… no surprise there. Secondly, that’s the best Madonna’s ever looked!


mad311printid 560x744

And you thought the Addams Family was creepy before!


mad316printid 560x745

This cover is just acres of creepy.


mad325printid 560x750

You had to know Beavis and Butthead were on the menu. Especially when mixed with Clinton and Gore. Another classic.


mad328printid 560x737

Another Mort Drucker classic. Not surprisingly the three psycho chicks on the left have put the very first frown on Alfred’s face. Yep, the first.


mad346printid 560x743

This is just a great cover because there is no damn way this could ever happen. Ever.


mad353printid 560x742

Just a bizarre cover in its own right.


mad363noborderprintid 560x735

Those flash in the pan Spice Girls love them some Al!


mad371bprintid 560x742

By about this point, MAD really stopped being the thumb in the eye of society since shows like, well, South Park and many others were doing it far better and treading far more dangerous waters. MAD has since kind of lost its edge, but the covers still kept coming…


mad379printid 560x741

Finally, after countless years, one of filmdom’s most amazing poster artist’s put his hand on MAD magazine. Look up Drew Struzan and you’ll know what I mean. An amazing cover.


mad383aprintid 560x743

And now the fourth Star Wars cover. I remember when this poster hit a few months before the lackluster Phantom Menace hit theaters and I thought it was amazing. This cover is even better… than the movie! Ha!


mad397printid 560x746

Ha ha! Taco Bell is chihuahua poop!


mad419aprintid 560x749

I love this fifth Star Wars cover completely because Alfred has a limp… saber. Awesome.



And so it’s now Spongebob’s turn…


mad469printid 560x745

Another nice ‘jab’ at MLB.


mad478printid 560x740

It makes no difference that this is a mocking of Spider-Man, all that matters is that webbing is coming out of his ass.


mad483printid 560x746

And so we end with death: Alfred as a zombie. And a good zombie. And so it goes…