Sex So Good, She Got Amnesia

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The stars mean amnesia, we swear.

Anyone who watches daytime TV or old Looney Tunes cartoons is fully aware of the medical cliche known as amnesia. While it doesn’t always lead to hospital drama or evil twins, the loss of one’s memory historically can be triggered in a number of ways, including a blow to the head (preferably with an anvil), a stroke, seizure, or good old fashioned psychotropic drug abuse. But if you think you’re safe from memory loss just because you aren’t a cartoon character, don’t live in a bad soap opera, and are as sober as a newborn, think again. It turns out you can get a sudden and severe case of amnesia, just by having sex.

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Hey baby, ever had amnesia?

“Alice”, a 59-year-old American woman found that out the hard way when just after having the kind of sex only a grandmother can have, she completely lost all memory from the last few years and temporarily, the ability to form new memories. It turns out “transient global amnesia”, or TGA, is a relatively common occurrence in people over 50 years old who engage in sexual intercourse, thus proving once and for all that older people should not be having creepy old people sex. The entire experience though must have made for some great bragging fodder for her husband when he told his buddies the next day how he screwed his wife so good that he humped two years worth of memories right out of her. Most men can only dream of making a claim half as awesome as that.