Sexiest Super Bowl Commercials Ever

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So much awesomeness going on here.

The Super Bowl is watched by over 100 million viewers each year and growing. Over the course of 30 years, the Super Bowl has now become one of the world’s single biggest sporting events with people from all over the globe tuning in.

Advertisers understand that they could market a product and even if 10% of the viewers actually like it, that is still 10 million people. The larger the audience, the higher the rate of success.

The networks that host the Super Bowl understand the same concept and charge a ridiculous amount of money for just a few seconds of commercial airtime. The average cost in 2013 was $4 million per 30 second spot. That was just the average cost. Some of the commercial slots were more than that.

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We have no idea what she is selling, but we’re buying.

Considering that the upfront cost begins at $4 million just to own a slot for you commercial, any company willing to pay for it also needs to tack on their own budget for producing the commercial, paying the actors, and all the other fees involved. The cost for a Super Bowl commercial can run well north of $5 million.

So if you are going to pay for a spot, you better make the commercial work. Or at least make it something people will remember. The easiest way to make people pay attention is using Kate Upton. The second way is using sex appeal. The hotter the commercial, the higher rate of success for whatever the product might be. Just ask about this theory.

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A better approach than the puppy thing.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and look over some of the sexiest Super Bowl Ads of all time. We’ve even included a few of our favorites from this year.

1992 Pepsi (Cindy Crawford)

Cindy Crawford and Pepsi are the reason we are introduced to so much sex appeal during the Super Bowl commercials. They broke the barrier of using a woman’s sex appeal to sell their product. Not only did it work, it paved the road for the commercials you are about to watch.

1998 – Doritos 3D (Ali Landry)

Ali Landry wasn’t a household name as she is today until she starting doing commercials for Doritos. It had been a few years since the ad with Cindy Crawford drinking a nice cold Pepsi in jean shorts had aired and Doritos wanted to take a stab at their own version. It worked. It just didn’t work for the 3D chip itself, that thing was terrible.

2002 – Pepsi (Britney Spears)

Britney Spears has always been known for her beauty. She can sing but not nearly as good as we all once thought. During 2002, that was her peak. Sure, she was up and down throughout the 2000’s but she was such a megastar in 2002, Pepsi hired her and made her use that sex appeal to sell more…Pepsi.

2002 – Victoria’s Secret (What is Sexy?)

The only thing to say about this ad is…well, um… Wait, what were we supposed to be doing? That is exactly how we all felt during the Super Bowl when this ad came on. The conversations stopped and each and every guy, and a lot of women too, had to close their mouths once this commercial ended.

2003 – Miller Lite (Catfight – Banned)

Everyone remembers this classic ad from Miller Lite, right? What they probably forgot was that it wasn’t aired during the Super Bowl, it was banned and ended up airing later in the year and instantly became one of the all time greats.

2005 – Go Daddy (Wardrobe Malfunction)

When GoDaddy formed its business, the question of how they would be able to sell their product emerged. How do you sell web hosting while also making it cool and sexy? Use Candice Michele and her boobs. Yes, that should work.

2005 – Carl’s Jr (Paris Hilton – Banned)

Who would have thought Paris Hilton was this sexy? We already knew she had the looks but no one was expecting her to make millions of men watching the Super Bowl uncomfortable around their families. We guess that is why it was banned.

2007 – Go Daddy (Marketing) does it again. After this 2007 ad, GoDaddy’s reputation became built on sexy women in little to no clothing. Oh and Danica Patrick featured in banned ads you can only watch on their website. Genius.

2008 – Victoria’s Secret (Adriana Lima)

Adriana Lima belongs on TV. She belongs on anything that can produce a picture to millions of other people. How anyone could marry her and then divorce her is beyond us. She is just plain…wow.

2008 – Visa (Snow Volleyball)

Misty May Treanor and Keri Walsh are the two most beloved Olympic volleyball stars of our time. Both women dominated the sport for so long that they had to finally quit just to give themselves a minute to relax and enjoy all their awards and gold medals. This commercial was smack dab in the middle of their popularity.

2008 – IceBreakers (Carmen Electra)

Carmen Electra has been sexy since 1995. Twenty years later, she looks exactly the same and is still sexier than ever. This commercial in 2008 reminded us that she is and always will be an ageless beauty.

2009 – Powerade (WTF? Banned)

We decided to title this ad, WTF, because of the randomness of it all. Yes, women in bikinis could sell snowballs to penguins but what was the real purpose of it for a sports drink? If you are still thinking about it, maybe you need to just shut down the internet for a night. It’s women in bikinis, who cares what they are selling?

2009 – PETA (Striptease – Banned)

What exactly is it that PETA does? We know it has something to do with throwing paint on women wearing fur coats and Pamela Anderson. The point of this banned Super Bowl ad must be that at least we are still talking about PETA and not McDonald’s.

2009 – Go Daddy (Basic Instinct – Banned)

We should probably do a separate post just for all the Super Bowl commercials of Not only have they become synonymous with creating sexy commercials, they are expected to do something so inappropriate, it gets banned. When was the last time you actually saw one of these commercials during a live Super Bowl?

2009 – Doritos (Power of the Crunch)

All you need to worry about is about the first five seconds of this bad boy. After that, it is up to you to watch. You must be warned though, a sexy woman in lingerie after having her clothes blown off while she is walking down the street is ahead. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

2010 – Motorola (Megan Fox Nude Pics)

Go ahead internet, break. If Megan Fox took nude selfies in her bathtub and actually sent them out for all to see, this commercial shows you exactly how it would go down. The sad part is, it is probably correct.

2011 – Sketcher’s (Kim Kardashian)

After watching that entire commercial, we only have one thing to say. She was wearing shoes?

2011 – PETA (Veggie Love – Banned)

Of course this commercial would not make it on-air. The models make love to every vegetable you have ever encountered in your life. There is no nudity or foul language but for some reason women moaning to veggies just isn’t allowed during a Super Bowl. What is wrong with America?

2011 – Ashley Madison (Savanna Samson)

A few things to consider when creating an ad for the Super Bowl. First, don’t use pornstars that end up stripping down to their lingerie. Second, never use a person dressed up as a bear mascot apparently pleasuring her boss. What the hell is going on around here? Not only is this site the worst thing on the internet, it is making cheating seem fun and exciting. What?

2012 – KIA (Adriana Lima)

This song makes us want to break out and sing that LEGO Movie song about how everything is awesome. Adriana Lima is amazingly beautiful and one of the all-time hottest women ever to walk the earth. So it is natural that this Super Bowl commercial makes us happy. She is in it.

2012 – Teleflora (Adriana Lima, again)

Do you get the picture yet? We are crazy in love with Adriana Lima, said every guy ever. She not only did the KIA commercial, she also did one where you get to watch her get dressed in the bedroom. What are you trying to do to us?

2012 – Doritos (Seduction)

As if Doritos weren’t already bad for you, try adding the idea that you could cover your naked body in them and seduce you… Actually, that is a GREAT idea. Please share this video and make sure every woman alive sees it and gets the idea stuck in her head, you never know what could happen.

2012 – Carl’s Jr. (Kate Upton – Banned)

We watched this ad online prior to the Super Bowl and our worries were that the internet would explode. Did they honestly think anyone would air this incredibly sexy commercial during the Super Bowl? People would die, houses would burn down, the world would become total anarchy….let’s watch it one more time.

2012 – The Big and the Beautiful

Apparently this ad was banned because NBC did not want to promote having sex with bigger full-sized women. Who the hell are they to tell us what we like or don’t like to look at?

2012 – Fiat (500 Abarth)

Who was that Italian supermodel from that car commercial during the Super Bowl? That was the most commonly heard question in 2012. Her name is Catrinel Menghia and she now has a lifesize poster of herself hanging up on our walls.

2013 – Go Daddy (Bar Refaelis – Banned)

Do you know who was grossed out by this video clip? Women. All the men stood up and applauded this young kid for being the lucky one to french kiss Bar Refaelis.

2015 – Carl’s Jr (Charlotte McKinney)

Enjoy it now. It was banned and will not be airing during the 2015 Super Bowl. Sorry folks. For what it is worth, we loved it.

2015 – T-Mobile (Kim Kardashian)

Kim K. is sexy. She has an amazing body, whoops, we meant butt. However, this new ad for T-Mobile just might be a bad idea. Making fun of the commercials for saving the hungry people in Africa or other third world countries is never funny. Shame, shame, shame on T-Mobile. They took a beautiful woman and set her up to fail.

2015 – Victoria’s Secret

Brain surgeons and Scientists are all busy so we are going to have to figure this one out ourselves. Done. We got it. Victoria’s Secret sells the idea that if a man buys their lingerie for his woman, she will look like Gisele. Well…OK. That is good enough for us, where do we sign up?