Sexy Baseball Illustrations

Sexy Orioles Illustration 560x432For the Stanley Cup Playoffs, we introduced you to the Sexy Hockey Illustrations of Rob Ullman. So with the Baseball Playoffs starting today, we figured what better time to share his Baseball images? We used the Orioles image above, because that’s our hometown team here at Gunaxin, and we’re pumped up for a postseason run. Ullman hails from Pittsburgh, thus there are several ladies sporting Bucs colors in this gallery. Good luck to Rob’s Pirates in their Wild Card game against the Giants, we’re all for seeing different teams in the World Series. Featuring his signature style on display here, Rob released a book of illustrations entitled Atom-Bomb Bikini, which features 64 hardcover, full-color pages of art.  So if you like the images you see here you can find much more of his work on his site.