Sexy Lingerie With Embedded GPS

So, you want to buy your wife or girlfriend something special. Something that you might like as well. What makes a better gift than lingerie (well, for you at least)? So you go to the store and maybe just buy some ordinary lingerie. But wait, Brazilian designer Lucia Loria has designed an even fancier lingerie. This one comes with a GPS tracking system.

Supposedly it’s for her protection from kidnappings and such. Kind of a wearable Lo-Jack. But now you can track your significant other and keep tabs on them from your home. Think your wife is cheating on you? Who needs a private eye or clunky stalking? Just go online and see where she’s at!

Plus, imagine this awkward conversation: “Happy Birthday, honey! Now I know I thought you were cheating on me, but I bought you these new undies to show how much I love you. Have fun out with the girls tonight.”