Sexy Steeler Fans

sexy steelers fan 14 300x240I was disappointed to discover that the Pittsburgh Steelers do not have cheerleaders. Hell, they didn’t even have a mascot until 2007, and Steely McBeam has caused a fair amount of controversy since his introduction (should have gone with the mascot below by David Fair). So I guess cheerleaders are off the table for the foreseeable future. Of course, the Steelers weren’t always sans cheerleader. They did have the the Pittsburgh Steelerettes, arguably the National Football League’s first cheerleading squad. But they haven’t been around since the 1960s. I’m not holding my breath for a comeback.

sexy steelers fan 22 267x300Now, this may not be news to many of you, but it was disappointing to me. How to do a Super Bowl preview without cheerleaders? Am I forced to talk about the actual game? You get enough of that from sources like ESPN, Sports Illustrated,¬†and what not, with the talking heads telling you everything you didn’t ask for. Most of is either something you already knew or something that turns out completely wrong. In short, it’s not useful. At least cheerleaders provided some eye candy.

But fear not, while the Steelers may spurn cheerleaders, they still have plenty of fans. And at least some of them are female. So here is a selection of Pittsburgh’s fanbase: