Share Auto Show Photos With Dripthat

Lexus Unveil 560x175 560x175If you’ve ever been to an Auto Show, then you know that you are constantly surrounded by amazing automobiles, and you feel compelled to photograph them all. This is especially true for us when we attend Press Day at a show, and every half hour features another manufacturer unveiling a car for the first time. While we regularly select our Top Ten to feature here on Gunaxin Motors, there are plenty of additional photos that we’d love to share with you.

Auto Show 560x314

Rather than absolutely saturating our Instagram feed with dozens of photos in a single day, we’ve found a new way to share the automotive photo goodness with you. It’s a new app called dripthat, and it allows you to group photo and video shares into “drips” and then share them out to your selected followers at designated intervals. Check out this drip we put together with some of our photos from the New York International Auto Show.

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Dripthat is a new app that allows you to share photos and videos when you want, all at once or over a specified time, with who you want: the entire world or with private groups. Dripthat is different from other social sharing platforms for two distinct reasons:

  • You control the tempo in distributing your content. ​Specify minutes, hours, days, even weeks in which to ‘drip’ photos and videos.
  • You control who gets to see it.​ Specify what can be seen by the entire world and what can be shared with a select few.

Learn more about dripthat on their Facebook and Twitter profiles, and follow us in their App to keep up with our latest adventures.

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