Share Travel Photos With Dripthat

Pier1 560x280We love to travel, and regardless of where we go, we like to capture photos and share them with our followers via social media. Over a multi-day trip with dozens of sharable moments, we’ve often wished we had a good method to organize and share that content with our followers in a way that didn’t just hit them all at once. This is especially true when we’re off the grid, and only have access to upload photos once per day.

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Rather than doing a data dump on our followers, we were pleased to find a new app called dripthat, which allows us to schedule out our photo shares in “drips”. So each night when we are able to connect to the network, we can schedule our favorite photos to share out over the next several hours or days, instead of just all at once. Check out this drip we put together with some of our photos from a recent visit to the Santa Monica Pier for an example.

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Dripthat is a new app that allows you to share photos and videos when you want, all at once or over a specified time, with who you want: the entire world or with private groups. Dripthat is different from other social sharing platforms for two distinct reasons:

  • You control the tempo in distributing your content. ​Specify minutes, hours, days, even weeks in which to ‘drip’ photos and videos.
  • You control who gets to see it.​ Specify what can be seen by the entire world and what can be shared with a select few.

Learn more about dripthat on their Facebook and Twitter profiles, and follow us in their App to keep up with our latest adventures.

This information is on behalf of dripthat.