She puts the ‘Lay’ in Frito-Lay

Lahoma Sue Smith 300x225You might remember this story about a hooker being paid in Chicken McNuggets. Well not to be out done, the USA Today has the story of an Oklahoma City prostitute who agreed to exchange sexual favors for a case of Frito-Lay chips. The case was valued at about $30. Although, when you see the woman, Lahoma Sue Smith (pictured to the right), you might think the customer, Frito-Lay employee Faron Johnson, overpaid. But hey, Frito Chili Pie? The only question is at what cost? I wonder if Johnson was fired? At the very least he had a heck of a time explaining why inventory coming up a case short.

Frito Bandit 225x300I guess I can’t be too surprised. After all, the Fritos brand has had ties to organized crime going back many, many years. This just seems like the natural progression of the whole organization.

As a result of this brilliant transaction, Smith was fined $1,142. The lesson? Even in Oklahoma, Lahoma is not Ok. Zing!