ShooWin : Postseason Tickets for Real Fans

ShooWin 560x280This post brought to you by ShooWin.

With Hockey and Basketball playoffs currently underway, we’re again reminded at just how expensive postseason tickets can be. While the rates are fairly high for season ticket holders, they’re even higher for folks who are forced to buy their tickets on the secondary market. You’ve waited all year for your team to make it to the second season, to the games that really matter, and now you’re priced out of the arena for various reasons. It’s even worse for Championship Games, where you may have waited your entire life for this moment, only to find out that tickets are selling for thousands of dollars on the secondary market. What’s a real fan supposed to do?

This is the exact problem that the folks at ShooWin intend to solve with their new service. They’re fans just like us, and they’ve had enough with getting gouged for postseason tickets by the secondary market. Their goal is to get real fans into postseason games, at face value. They also want to make it possible to lock up your tickets months before other people get theirs. Color us intrigued, but how does it work?

You buy a team-based reservation to a specific game. When you’re buying this ticket, you are picking a specific postseason game, a specific seating section, AND you’re locking the ability to buy a face value ticket to that game IF your team makes it. Let’s say you’re a Clemson fan. In just a few weeks on, you can buy a reservation for perhaps $20 on the national college championship…. If Clemson makes it, you get to buy a ticket at face value. Now if your team doesn’t make it, you don’t get that reservation fee back.

ShooWin App 560x280The concept sounds fairly simple, you place a bet that your team is going to make the postseason, and if they have a good year you’ve locked up the chance to buy a ticket at face value far in advance. As a bonus, they’ll allow fans to trade or sell their reservations all season long. We assume pricing will vary depending on time, team, sport, game, and seat location, but we’re looking forward to seeing full details once the service launches.

We absolutely love the idea, and while they’re going to start with College Football, we can’t wait to start investing in Washington Capitals Stanley Cup futures on ShooWin, because next year is always our year! Imagine being a Chicago Cubs fans and being able to lock down World Series tickets for face value now? It’s brilliant and absolutely worth the gamble for real fans.

ShooWin hasn’t even launched yet but Gunaxin readers can get a VIP invite if they sign up in the next few weeks. Visit to sign up and you’ll be one of the first people to receive an invitation when the platform launches.