Short’s Good Humans

Short’s Good Humans – Dry Hopped Double Brown Ale

Short’s Brewing Company – Elk Rapids, MI

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Information: Literally none. The site is surprisingly void of any info on this beer, as is the label. From what I understand, this is one of the many beers Short’s has released in limited numbers to test the waters, as it were. As their popularity grows so doe the potential of future releases.

This is one of the few times I have absolutely no previously written info to go on. I typically look at the info, nod my head in approval, and drink away hoping that my experience is even somewhat related to what the brewer discovered. The label is pretty sweet and it features three floating heads that represent the brewers at the Short’s plant, each with the words ‘Passion’, ‘Humility’, and ‘Wisdom’ written in, on, and around them. Very cool. Anyway, let’s de-cap this fella…

Deep, dark brown with a slight, light tan foam that dissipates into little but a wispy ring. The nose is very hoppy with little else to get in the way. But the flavor is absolutely crazy with different flavors and notes. Right off the bat you get chocolate. This flavor comes directly from the addition of the dry hops that leach their essential oils into the mix, which also happens to contribute greatly yo the exquisitely hoppy body. There are notes of mossy earth mixing with dark cherries and a slightly aniseed, cloying mouthfeel which is really nice. Somewhere hidden beneath are backup melodies of cranberries, nutty coffees, and wet leaves. This is certainly a fine selection for those in favor of a complex brew that, within its three stages, offers completely different tastes. Absolutely delicious.

Rating: * * * *
A very tasty brown ale with a complex melange of flavors.