Should You Be Facebook Friends with Your Ex?

facebook 75x75As someone who has recently reluctantly joined in the Facebook craze, I can totally appreciate this discussion / dilemma. The good folks over at Asylum discuss, “Should you be Facebook friends with you Ex?” I can definitely see both sides of the argument, but ultimately I think it depends on the girl, both current, and former. Here is how they introduce the subject:

It wasn’t so long ago that Facebook was only for college students at fancy schools. But these days it’s for everyone. And by everyone that means work acquaintances you don’t necessarily want to share your life with, friends from college who will tag you in inappropriate pictures and high-school classmates who will spam you with the details of their young children. And, of course, everyone inevitably includes ex-girlfriends. So what should you do when an ex reaches out and sends you a friend request?

Check out the video, and head on over to their page for the full article. Want to be friends with Gunaxin on Facebook? Go ahead, just don’t tell my wife, or my girlfriend, errr I mean Ex.