Six Baseball Pie to the Face Videos

bs35 560x364In further honor of Pi Day, we would like to indulge in the baseball tradition of the Pie to the Face.  This tradition is right up there with take me out to the ball game, rain delay slip-n-slide and embarrassingly bad first pitches.

Casey Blake’s one career highlight, getting creamed by Grady Sizemore:

JJ Putz proving that just because you are paranoid does not mean they aren’t out to get you!

Mike Maddux hit perfectly, live on TV

Prank Master David Ortiz gets Jason Bay

Mike Lieberthal will not have is interview interrupted.

Sometimes Godzilla eats Tokyo, other times he just eats pie

We’re just guessing that you may also want to celebrate Pi Day with Olivia Munn, and the Sexy Girls of Pi Day :
munnpie 560x373