Six March Madness iPhone Apps

cbssportsmobileIt’s no secret that we like Sports and Gadgets. So when we find a gadget story that relates to sports, it make us quite happy. As an iPhone user, and degenerate gambler, Mashable’s “6 iPhone Apps for the Ultimate March Madness Experience” makes me extra happy. I’m particularly excited about CBS Sports NCAA March Madness On-Demand. With this application, you can not only stream live games, but also see the up-to-date brackets and real-time stats. This appears to be the ultimate application for any March Madness loving dork out there. I guess we’ll see how well it works when you are standing in line at Starbucks on Thursday afternoon, trying to catch the game. It does appear that watching live games will require a Wifi connection, but the rest of these apps should work over 3G. Head on over to Mashable for the full list and also see their 100+ Free Sports Apps for iPhone.

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