Slots at a Mall?

The Maryland Legislature has been trying for ten years to bring Slot Machines back to the State, and now it’s probably too late to benefit from the revenue of slots and casinos. The latest plans have been stymied at ever juncture, and at this point, much of the hope in the State’s plan and budget rests upon putting a Casino at Arundel Mills Mall.

Yep, a shopping mall, complete with a Disney Store, Osh Kosh B’Gosh, Gymboree, and a Medieval Times Dinner Theater. Even worse, the Mall is directly adjacent to a Community College, a Pre-School, Churches, and a residential neighborhood. Despite how you feel about gambling (and believe me, we love gambling), few can defend such a plan of action. There really is no defense… oh wait, it’s gonna make how much money? This is certainly a case of one huge money grab by the developer and the State, at the expense of the local community.

Stay classy Maryland.

Medieval Slots 560x381Will Slot Casinos replace Jousting as Maryland’s State Sport?

Having slots at Medieval Times may be the first step.

The Childrens Slots 560x437Who would think to put a Casino adjacent to a Children’s Clothing store?

Slots CircusWithin a week, Arundel Mills will be home to the Circus, and the State Video Lottery Facility Location Commission visit. Hopefully they get a chance to ride the Elephants.

For more on this story, and to support the community that is fighting back, check out Stop Slots at Arundel Mills Mall.