Slow Motion Videos with High Speed Cameras

HummingbirdA digital high speed video camera can shoot videos with frame rates ranging from 1000 fps to more than 100,000 fps, making an ordinary event look terrific. If it’s fast enough to capture the hummingbird above, imagine what else you could do with one. The following videos are a number of examples showing how spectacular a short burst of motion can look in slow motion.

1. Ice-Cream Fight

One of the best videos captured on a high speed camera is this awesome ice-cream fight between all the hot ladies (and some dudes), which is supposed to be a music video for some techno DJ.

2. Bitch-Slap

How awesome is seeing a dude gets slapped in the face in slow motion? This popular video shows how the kinetic energy of some guy’s hand transfers to the other guy’s face, causing the face to vibrate like a shaking jello.

3. Water Balloon Bouncing

A water balloon bouncing on the ground rather than exploding. The impact sends a shock-wave through the balloon and slowly recovers as it bounces off.

4. Billiards

Who could have thought chalk dust flying in the air and ball bouncing off the edge of a pool table can look this good?

5. Lighter

This video displays a lighter lighting up in slow motion. You can see the lighter giving off some sparks before the flame comes up.

6. Mouse Traps

Ever wondered what it might look like if you set off 150 mouse traps with your arms? Thankfully we have slow-motion video so you don’t need to sacrifice yourself for science.

7. Dogs Shaking

…and finally the video you’ve all been waiting for, dogs shaking it for your amusement.