No Hobbit Yet, But Plenty of Smaug

With the movie The Hobbit in limbo, and the extended version of Lord of the Rings not yet out on Blu-ray, we’re left to sit around and wait impatiently. But what better way to pass the time than drinking ale out of a Smaug Stein? It came out in May, but the website says it’s now ready to ship. There’s a rich man and a poor man’s version of it.

Smaug the Magnificent: The Hobbit – Legendary Collection Stein

Here’s the expensive one, for $170. This one has a sculpted pewter lid topped with a rune engraved One Ring plated in 18k gold. Now, the poor man’s version:

Smaug the Magnificent The Hobbit – Epic Collection Stein
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This one does not have a gold one ring on top, as you can see, and costs $120. So, apparently, the difference between the word’s “legendary” and “epic” is a gold One Ring.

Want more Smaug? How about this? A faux-bronze statue, from WETA.

Smaug The Golden – Faux BronzeJohnHoweSmaugalrg2 e1283040352381 560x480

For an item that’s called “Smaug the Golden,” I’d expect it to be solid gold, not faux bronze. Still, likely worth the $430.

Let’s hope for many more Smaug items to come out, including a 1:1 bust of him. I’ll be first in line.