Smell Like the Skeksis From The Dark Crystal

dark crystal incense 560x560

It’s been 31 years since Jim Henson’s magical fantasy, The Dark Crystal, hit theaters, branching off from The Muppets and introducing the world to concept artist Brian Froud.

The movie doesn’t hold up well upon repeat viewings for us adults who have fond memories of watching it when we were kids, but the tchotchke manufacturers know we have money to buy items that remind us of our childhood. So the latest Dark Crystal item comes from  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, who recently introduced incense that’s meant to smell like the Skeksis, those lovable wingless bird villains.

Also available? Labyrinth perfume oil blends, which hopefully doesn’t smell like the Bog of Eternal Stench or David Bowie’s junk. Also, Fraggle Rock! Who doesn’t want to smell like Gobo and Boober?

But back to the Dark Crystal. Here are the new odors scents, and the guy it’s based on.

skekZok the Ritual-Master
An incense of deception: frankincense, opoponax, hyssop, champaca, and opium poppy accord.
SkekZok e1378264829247 150x150
skekUng the Garthim-Master
Brute force and destruction: vetiver, smoke, steel, and dragon’s blood resin.
SkekUng2 150x150
skekTek the Scientist
Metal and stone beams of dark light: hyssop, black currant, black viola, passionflower, and myrrh.
enc skektek inset 2 210px 150x150
skekNa the Slave-Master
The essence of vile gluttony: an abundance of spices, sweet cakes, thick creams, and opulent liqueurs mixed with the scent of whip leather and rusted padlocks.
SkekNa e1378265007113 150x150

What, no Chamberlain? Who wouldn’t want to smell like this guy?

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Let’s hope now that someone makes Dark Crystal incense burners. Or Dark Crystal Meth.