Fun With Google: Song Lyric Sites

google girlThe Internet is a vast wasteland of data, saturated with repetitive information posted by sites that battle head-to-head for page views via SEO (See, for example, haha). This is apparent with song lyric sites. Searching for “<insert song> lyrics” in Google yields a vast array of sites that provide the very same information. Why so many? What is the business model of a website that decides to do the same exact thing as 25 others?

I thought it would be interesting to try to list the number of sites that provide this service. For this article, I searched for a song that we all already know the lyrics to. Obviously, that song is Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’. Here is a sample of the sites that came up:

  1. Lyrics Freak
  2. Sing365
  3. eLyrics
  4. Metro Lyrics
  5. Lyric Wiki
  6. eLyrics World
  7. Lyrics 007
  8. Lyrics Mode
  9. Song Words
  10. Song Lyrics
  11. Complete Album Lyrics

There were more, actually, but I couldn’t stand looking any further and clicking the CLOSE button on each pop-up that asked me to download the song to my cellphone. Also, some sites wouldn’t allow me to highlight and copy the lyrics to paste into the song’s lyrics tab in iTunes. I mean, God forbid we steal that text for our own use.

Unfortunately, Google didn’t provide information as to why there are so many sites that show the same information. And like with song lyrics, there are many other things that are repeated on the Internet, like news service feeds, syndicated databases, hotel and flight-booking middle men, and FOIA information. This being America, we have the right to make sites that do this, but further saturating the Internet (aka search engine results) with the same info as other sites hardly provides a unique experience that makes the site worthwhile. If any of the above sites stick around, my vote goes to the Wiki.

Now, let’s jam.