Dances That Ruin Proms and Parties

HokeyPokeyIt’s that time of year again when high schoolers go to the prom where the DJ somehow convinces everyone to get on the dance floor and make fools of themselves with choreographed movements to bad music. Sure, they’re bound to do that anyway by free-styling to the latest Black Eyed Peas, but when it comes to the standard party dances, it’s automatic failure.

Kinda makes you wonder the history of what I’ll call the ‘Idiot’s Dance’; ones set to music that no one listens to regularly, and ones that are way too simplistic for any professional to do to entertain the masses. Did the cavemen do this? How about our 19th century ancestors? No, these are all recent inventions, and they’re done at every wedding, prom and Bar/Bat Mitzvah I’ve ever attended. God help us if we’re still doing these things in the future, if not something worse.

Conga Line

Bunny Hop

Electric Slide


Hokey Pokey



Chicken Dance

African Anteater Ritual

Cha-Cha Slide