What SOPA Should Stand For

SOPA header 560x280To show support for an open and free internet, Gunaxin was blacked out yesterday. It might’ve been an inconvenience, but if our out-of-touch Congress has their way, this site and thousands of others could be blacked out permanently thanks to a ludicrous bill called SOPA. For those unaware, SOPA is an acronym for Stop Online Piracy Act. Should this legislation pass, it will basically cripple the way we create and view content across the web. That would be bad. To help shed even more light on this issue, we came up with some alternate definitions for SOPA.

SOPA4SOPA1SOPA3SOPA2SOPA5So, if you happen to have cell phone pics of your local Representative or Congressperson engaged in compromising acts with farm animals, now is the time to blackmail them into voting down this piece of modern-day McCarthyism.