South Park: Anger a Good Measure of Penis Size


Satirical superstar South Park is one of television’s most brilliant purveyors of sociopolitical mockery, but sometimes the show tackles… smaller issues.

Such was the case with the fourth episode of Season 15, “T.M.I,” in which Matt Stone and Trey Parker put a South Park spin on a little issue that is immensely important: penis size.

Anger is directly proportional to how small one’s penis is, “T.M.I.” suggests, and Cartman and Randy Marsh—apparently the angriest of them all—end up leading a group of anger management patients in a riotous effort to get what they want from the government. Included in the mob are a white wannabe gangsta (wearing a LeBron James jersey), a pissed off lesbian, the owner of City Wok Chinese Restaurant, a muscular meathead, and most pointedly, a Tea Party psycho.

One could argue that the episode is a direct satire of the Tea Party movement; after all, Cartman and Randy’s group adopts the name “Pissed Off and Angry Party,” and they are unhappy with what they think are federal institutions, such as FedEx, American Apparel, and American Airlines. The criticism is aimed at a more general idea than just a political movement, however, as the episode suggests that angry people of all types and ideals are really just upset about having small junk.

The episode comes to a well-defined head when government officials finally discover what’s making the Pissed Off and Angry Party so mad. The surgeon general changes the official penis-measuring protocol, the T.M.I. scale, so that 1.5 inches is the new average length, and Randy leads his party in cheerfully singing, “America is back!”

Cartman, with his 1.2 inches, still has a small dick, and will likely be pissed off forever.

Best Scene

Cartman, pretending not to care that his therapist is taunting him during an anger evaluation, gets revenge in his typically evil fashion: