Speakal iBoo 2.1 iPod Docking Station

iboos 560x225

Just in time for Halloween comes an adorable little ghost monster that not only makes Casper look like Poltergeist, but also plays music from and charges your iPods and iPhones. Naturally perfect for a Halloween party or gift, a Pac-Man fetishist or a kid’s room, Speakal’s iBoo 2.1 iPod Docking Station puts out some damn decent sound from its two speakers (eye holes) and subwoofer (blue-lit undercarriage).

Keeping it smooth, the design features no raised buttons or visible sensors, you just learn where to touch little iBoo (he likes to be touched) to make your iPod do your bidding.  The little guy sounds so good, I even use the auxiliary 3.5mm input jack to play the main sound from my secondary LCD TV, since the TV speakers face my back wall and sound like someone talking through a woolly hat. You can also hook your iPod up this way if you please. I found the connection to my iPod Touch to the dock to be not the best, but it works just fine after a little finessing.

One other item of note is that this baby only works when plugged into the wall. No battery option here, so it’s not not built for taking on the go.  It also comes with a remote control for the elegantly lazy.

The iBoo’s price is more cute than scary at less than $80. If you’re the rich type, then pick up a batch and drop them in kids’ trick or treat bags this Halloween and guarantee yourself a TP & egg free Season of the Witch.