Spider-Man: The Most Fabulous Superhero

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Spider-man is one of the worlds most recognizable superheroes, his iconic red and blue costume has been seen by more people than a porn stars ass. Like many heroes, over the years Spidey has had several costume changes, unlike other heroes though, some of Spidey’s costumes have been a little, erm, wild.

the amazing spider man game costumes

Time for a party!

Those just look like pallet swaps though, everyone likes a change of color every now and again. It’s not like he’s adding spinning rims or anything to his outfits. Although he did once add bitchin’ robot spider arms to them.

1441031 spiderman1

Because why not?

Then there was the time he thought, fuck it and wore a bag on his head.

1925173 2008 07 28 162324 spider man ff paperbag1

He also had to wear a kick me sign.

And who could forget the time he wore a KKK outfit and beat the Goblin half to death?

Paintjob Spidey

And don’t you even tell us the world is ready for robot, six armed Spider-man. That shit is off the chain son.

606168 spider man2211 super 1

If he has rocket boots, does he really need six arms?

The only real mystery is what won’t Spidey do to his suit, since it’s been so many different colors and designs over the years the only thing he hasn’t done is tone it down. Then again, if you were a man with special spider powers, would you be subtle?

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