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Welcome to our Holiday Gift Guide and Giveaway where we feature our favorite gifts for this holiday season, and then give them all away to our loyal readers! While we don’t have everything for every person in our audience like Oprah, we do have one of each item you see below in order to give out to some lucky winners!

In all we have over 50 items on our Favorite Things List, so start by checking out this great list of holiday gift recommendations. If you’d like to win something you see below, utilize the widget at the bottom of this article to enter this amazing giveaway. We’ll select some winners, and ship the product to you as our gift, just in time for Christmas!

Our Sports Gift Guide and Giveaway features a fabulous mix of sports video games, gear, and gadgets. Check out the Gift Guide below, and don’t forget to enter to win at the very bottom.

EA Sports Madden 25

Powered by EA SPORTS Ignite, Madden NFL 25 ushers in the next generation of sports games delivering ten times more detail than any game in the franchise’s 25 year history.

Players think and anticipate in the trenches and across the field. Every step is calculated to showcase the most realistic player movement ever, and the emotion of Sunday is brought to life-like never before with living sidelines, rich commentary, and thunderous crowds. Madden NFL 25 changes the game forever.

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EA Sports NBA Live 14

Powered by EA SPORTS Ignite, NBA LIVE 14 delivers the ultimate on court control, combining the art of basketball with the science of next generation technology. bounceTek, fueled by next-gen visual fidelity and up to 8x the processing power, unlocks a revolutionary new, physics-based dribbling system.

Players perform more like their real-life counterparts than ever before, informed by 70+ stats and tendencies, updated not monthly, weekly or daily, but within 1-hr of every NBA game. With fresh content and challenges on a daily basis, NBA LIVE 14 delivers the pulse of the NBA…24/7/365.

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adidas brazuca

Brazuca is the official match ball of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Brazuca is a breakthrough innovation featuring a revolutionary six-panel design. Created for every player on the field, the ball features six identical panels alongside a unique surface that will provide improved grip, touch stability and aerodynamics on the field.

Brazuca was named in September 2012 following a public vote in Brazil involving 1 million soccer fans. The name “brazuca” is an informal local term which means “Brazilian,” or to describe the Brazilian way of life. The colors and ribbon design of the ball panels symbolize the traditional multicolored wish bracelets worn in the country in addition to reflecting the vibrancy and fun associated with soccer in Brazil.

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adidas BIG Logo NBA Jersey

The uniforms, designed as part of the “BIG Logo” Holiday Collection incorporate short-sleeve jerseys featuring over-sized team logos in a reflective chrome color scheme on the chest. All 10 teams playing on Christmas Day will wear BIG Logo uniforms.

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adidas Crazy Ghost

The Crazy Ghost basketball shoe features the Crazyquick outsole traction system – adidas’ latest performance innovation – to provide maximum control and flexibility for quick moves on the court. The redesigned three-layer SPRINTWEB reduces weight and enhances breathability while an internal fit system provides optimal foot lock-down during cuts and breakaways. The herringbone print on the collar and the anodized synthetic on the toe contrast for a stylized look.

The Crazy Ghost takes the court this season with Harrison Barnes (Golden State Warriors), Jrue Holiday (New Orleans Pelicans) and Kenneth Faried (Denver Nuggets).

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BikeConsole Power Plus

Bike Console Power Plus for iPhone 5/5S is a rugged outdoor mount with an added benefit of battery life extension. The clip-on 3000 mAh battery extends iPhone use by as much as 3 times, for apps, GPS, talk, music, or browsing time. Power Plus is Apple-certified Compatible Product that uses integrated Apple lightning connector for 100% compatibility. The battery pack comes with a clip-on attachment, giving you an option of riding with and without the battery.

Bike Console Power Plus is first and foremost rugged outdoor mount, weatherproofed against rain, snow, dust and dirt and sealed against your own sweat. The multiple shock and impact protection features include tough, engineered-plastic case, interior silicon lining, reinforced mounting bracket and in-bracket safety lock. The iPhone remains fully accessible to you inside the mount – touch-screen operable, front/rear cameras ready, on/off and home buttons and access for phone jack.

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Basis B1 Band

Basis helps you get fit, sleep better, and stress less with the most advanced health tracker in the world. Unlike single-sensor fitness trackers, Basis paints a more comprehensive picture of your health using multiple sensors that track heart rate, temperature, perspiration, motion, and more.

Body IQ technology takes the hassle out of tracking and turns rich data into simple, relevant insights like sleep quality and resting heart rate that are personalized just for you. But all of the data in the world does you no good if you can’t act on it. So, Basis goes beyond just data capture. It helps you incorporate small changes in your daily routine that have a powerful impact on your health. Armed with these healthy habits, you’ll easily get to the next level with your fitness, sleep, and stress goals. Find the Superhuman in you, with Basis.

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Zepp Multi Sport Sensor

The Zepp 3D motion sensor was designed with the athlete in mind. It is extremely small, about 1-inch square, less than half an inch thick and weighs just 6.3 grams, so it never impedes the athlete’s performance. Constructed of a rugged rubber exterior and shock-resistant core, the sensor is also extremely durable to withstand all types of abuse on the baseball field, golf course and tennis court.

Each sensor contains a powerful ARM processor, multiple motion sensors, storage for up to 200,000 swings (200,000 tennis swings / 2,000 baseball and golf swings) and up to 8 hours of battery life (varies by use). Using innovative sport-specific mounts, the Zepp sensor easily attaches to any baseball or softball bat, tennis racket or golf glove. It captures 1,000 data points per second and transfers all of this data to a user’s smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

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UClear HBC220 Force Snow

The Uclear HBC220 Force Snow speakers enable you to rock out to your favorite tunes while you cruise the slopes, answer phone calls, and talk to people within a certain range who also have the HBC220. Based on technology developed for military communications in noisy situations, these easy-to-use speakers feature wind-filtering technology and a noise reducer to allow for clearer signals at high speeds.

The HBC220 isn’t just intercom. It’s Super Group Intercom with Multi-Hop Technology. UCLEAR introduces the HBC220 Force with patented ABF Technology and groundbreaking, new full duplex intercom system designed to expand the reach, range and quality of group communications by up to 700 meters between each HBC220 unit for up to ten riders.

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