Sports Themed Halloween Costume Ideas for 2012

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With less than a week remaining before Halloween it’s time to make a decision on your costume. We at Gunaxin know you want to be on the cutting edge of topical costumes, so we’ve assembled a list of 19 sports-themed costume ideas, with some tips on how to pull them off. There is a little something for fans of every major sport, and every body size, so no one is left out. If you are asking yourself “Why only 19 costumes?” the answer is that we had originally had “Atlanta Sports Fan” as number 20, but even we don’t have that sort of imagination.

Zombie Orioles

Zombie Showalter1The Idea: When the Orioles emerged from their long-moribund state to make a surprising playoff run it came as a surprise to everyone, who expected the Orioles to stay dead for the foreseeable future. You can celebrate that surprising reanimation by dressing as a Zombie Oriole. Bonus points if you go as a zombie Buck Showalter.

The Costume: Orioles Jersey, Zombie Makeup, Red Sox Corpse

Darth Goodell

Darth Goodell2 284x300The Idea: Commissioner Roger Goodell rules the NFL with the ruthlessness of the Star Wars villain Darth Vader. Faced with rebellion, Goodell has resorted to increasingly harsher punishments to try to maintain power, further completing his transition into Vader.

The Costume: Darth Vader Helmet with NFL logo, Suit.


Robot Ump

robot ump 118x300The Idea: Throughout this baseball season the call to institute robot umps for ball and strike calls has gotten progressively louder. While baseball is unlikely to institute them any time soon you can make robot umpires a reality this Halloween.

The Costume: Generic robot costume, umpire uniform, chest protector, face mask (optional).

Out of Work NHL Player

Hockey costume 225x300The Idea: The NHL lockout continues with little hope of a quick resolution. This week the league announced that a full season will not happen, and the Winter Classic is at risk if the players don't settle soon. Meanwhile the players are making ends meet playing abroad or pinching pennies in case the league misses another season.

The Costume: NHL uniform, "Will Puck For Food" sign.

Two Sport Lolo Jones

The Idea: We shared the story about Lolo making the U.S. Women's Bobsled Team, so why not take advantage of the story to blend Winter and Summer Lolo into one costume. You may find yourself explaining yourself a little too often, but those who get it will appreciate the concept.

The Costume: Racing singlet, bobsled helmet, purity ring. For an extra touch make yourself a 4th place Olympic medal.LOLO costume 560x315

Ladies Man A-Rod

Arod Flirt 300x265The Idea: During this year's ALCS Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez received more attention for flirting with bikini model Kyna Treacy than anything he did at the plate. If you fancy yourself as a ladies man than Rodriguez, who attempted to hook up with Treacy by passing her a ball with his phone number on it, is the perfect costume for you.

The Costume: A-Rod Jersey, bag of balls with your phone number on it, bat with hole in it.

Tebow on the Cross

Jesus tebow 246x300

The Idea: Even though he is currently getting paid like a first round pick to not get his head bashed in on a bad Jets team, Tebow fans feel like he is being treated unfairly. If they are going to put Tebow on a metaphorical cross you can go ahead and put him on a physical one. This one will need no explanation. Bonus Points if you have a friend willing to go as Pontius Pilate Sanchez.

The Costume: Tebow jersey, crown of thorns, stigmata, giant wooden cross (optional).

Replacement Ref

blind ref 300x300The Idea: It almost seems dated now, but a month ago the biggest story in the NFL was the use of replacement referees. The replacements, basically amateurs and barely trained professionals, blew a number of high profile calls on their way to being replaced.

The Costume: NFL referee uniform, cane, thick sunglasses.

Olympic Gymnast

The Idea: You have two options here, depending on your personality. If you are the happy bubbly type you can tell everyone that you are Gabby Douglass. If you are the dour, brooding type you can go as McKayla Maroney. The costume is the same either way. This also makes a great group costume idea.

The Costume: Leotard, medals. Guys, if you are using this idea wear some shorts as well, please.

gymnastics team 560x376

Unemployed NHL Mascot

The Idea: Earlier this month we told you the tale of a number of the hockey mascots who were put out of work by the NHL lockout, and those poor souls provide a number of costume ideas.

The Costume: NHL mascot suit, work attire, a look of desperation.

Toronto Mascot Calrton Tim Hortons2

Felix Baumgartner

felix 199x300The Idea: Daredevil Felix Baumgartner made headlines earlier this month when he jumped from a helium balloon 24 miles above the earth. The headline-grabbing event made Baumgartner a temporary celebrity, and gives you an opportunity to seem up to date on current events. You could also consider fellow daredevil Nik Wallenda, but everyone has already forgotten the man who crossed Niagara Falls on a tight rope.

The Costume: Flight Suit, Backpack, mylar balloon, Red Bull can/logo.

Mitt Romney’s Horse

The Idea: This is the perfect costume for someone who wants to combine sports and political commentary. When Rafalca, the horse owned by potential First Lady Ann Romney, made his Olympic debut this summer it provided fodder for the pundits who claimed Mitt was out of touch with regular voters. With Election Day just days away why not take advantage? For an extra twist you can go as Rafalca campaigning for President Obama.

The Costume: Traditional one or two person horse costume, top hat, Mitt Romney/Barack Obama campaign buttons/stickers.

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Craig Sager

The Idea: The long time basketball broadcaster reached a new level of fame with his work on TBS during the baseball playoffs. The sartorially challenged field reporter is best known for his hideous but brightly colored suits.

The Costume: Buy the ugliest, most garishly colored suit you can find. TBS/TNT microphone.

tumblr lhwrflLoMC1qc4izio1 500

Lance Armstrong

The Idea: The final fall from grace for cyclist Lance Armstrong reached bottom this year, with him being stripped of his Tour de France titles, banned from the sport and fired by Nike. Lance's bad luck can be your good fortune, as it provides a great costume for this year.

The Costume: Bike shorts, bright yellow "Live Wrong" T-Shirt, outline from missing Nike logo. Needles or IV for blood doping optional, but recommended.

live wrong lance armstrong 300x300

Bayless / Cowherd / Smith

The Idea: The panel of opinionated ESPN personalities is deep, and easily mocked. Stephen A. Smith, Colin Cowherd and Skip Bayless are merely the loudest and most obnoxious of the group, and lend themselves to parody.

The Costume: If you aren't  flexible enough to stick your head up your own ass then just pair a suit with a "dickhead" hat. Walk around yelling at people for no reason.

Smith Bayless 560x315

Pablo Sandoval Panda

The Idea: This last minute inspiration came after the San Fransisco Giants' Sandoval went HAM on the Detroit Tigers in game one of the World Series with three home runs. A perfect costume for our chubbier friends, this one takes advantage of Sandoval's Kung Fu Panda nickname and his recent notoriety.

The Costume: A furry panda suit, Sandoval jersey, red headband.

Pablo Panda 300x220

Vampire Spurs

The Idea: Every time experts try to bury the San Antonio Spurs they come back as strong as ever. The seemingly ageless Tim Duncan leads a team that constantly lurks in the shadows until everyone realizes they are once again one of the most powerful teams in the NBA.

The Costume: Spurs uniform, fake teeth, stake through the heart bearing Oklahoma Thunder logo.

Duncan Vampire 300x199

The Incredible Suh

The Idea: Earlier this year we cast Detroit Lions defender Ndamukong Suh as The Incredible Hulk in our version of "The Avengers" film, and we like the idea even more as a Halloween costume. Suh's reputation as a monster hasn't faded this season, so it makes perfect sense to portray him as one of fictions most angry characters.

The Costume: Green face paint, Hulk gloves, Suh Jersey. Run around yelling "Suh Smash" before knocking people over.

Suh as Hulk 283x300

ALCS Yankees

The Idea: The perfect idea for sports fans who just aren't in to Halloween, but are forced to pretend to care about the holiday. The concept only requires you to put in the same effort as the Yankee hitters did in this year's American League Championship Series.

The Costume: Just don't show up.