The Sprizzi Drink Machine

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Admit it, if you’re anything like us, you drink your share of soda. While Sodastream seems like a reasonable solution to replacing store-bought soda, it’s a bit simplistic. What we really crave is something like a Keurig for soft drinks. That is where the SPRiZZi comes in. It carbonates, refrigerates, mixes and dispenses a variety of soft drinks.

“Other household options like the SodaStream only carbonate your beverage – you still have to fetch your own water, refrigerate it and manually pour the syrup. SPRiZZi, on the other hand, chills water below 40 degrees, carbonates it automatically, adds just the right amount of flavoring, and pours your drink for you, allowing you to create up to 60 types of beverages with the single press of a button.”

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SPRiZZi drink-co., an eco-friendly beverage company based in California, launched the SPRiZZi Drink Machine on Kickstarter. SPRiZZi is the first full-service, in-home beverage dispenser delivering more than 60 ice-cold carbonated and non-carbonated drinks through its practical design and easy-to-use, one-touch dispensing procedure. Watch the refreshingly simple SPRiZZi Drink Machine in action here.

With 3 days to go, they’ve already doubled their Kickstarter goal, and for a pledge of $197 you can be one of the first to own a SPRiZZi when they begin production. Apparently they will retail for $399, so that appears to be a deal.

We’re hoping to get our hands on one of these for review once they are available, but we have to admit it looks like a fairly compelling product. The real key is going to be how closely they can replicate brands of soda that we’re all familiar with.

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