Ten Star Wars Cooking Shows

SWCook 560x270So now that Star Wars is all the rage again and we have not only a new film on the horizon, but also the potential for a couple different TV shows, I think it’s high time some of our favorite characters get their own cooking shows! Don’t you? Sure ya do. So allow us to present ten concepts for new Food Network shows hosted by your favorite (and not-so-favorite) Star Wars characters. Sadly Aunt Beru’s pilot, “Roasting with Beru”, was rejected due to everything being burnt to a crisp.

10) Sy Snootles Fried Noodles

SySnootles 560x458

9) Darth’s MarshMAULows

DarthMallow 560x458

8) Qui-Gon Jinn and Juice

QuiGonGandJ 560x458

7) Bib Fortuna’s Ribs and Tuna

BibTuna 560x458

6) Dengar’s Den Bar

DengarBar 560x458

5) Salacious Crumb Cakes

SalaciousCrumbCake 560x458

4) Chewie’s Gooey Chewies

Chewie 560x458

3) Jar Jar Binks’ Bar Bar Drinks

JarJarBar 560x458

2) Ponda’s Baba-Ganoush

PondaBabaGanoush 560x420

1) Ackbar’s Snack Bar

ackbarsnack 560x420