Think Star Wars at Think Geek

Remember a long time ago when you thought you were cool because of the things you had when you were a kid? Whether it was sweet dirt bike, actions figures, or a sleeping bag, you felt so cool by showing off your gear. Well you can have that feeling back with the Tauntaun sleeping bag at Think

bb2e tauntaun sleeping bagNot only does the Tauntan sleeping bag bring you back to when you were roughing it on the Hoth system, but it is comfortable and will keep you warm. Another great bonus is that you won’t have to breathe in any foul smells like the innards of a Tauntaun. If you think that this sleeping bag is just for kids, well think again. I am 6 feet tall and there was plenty of room for me. (See Gunaxin’s Fun With Tauntauns)

I remember when I first saw the sleeping bag. I wanted to purchase it right then and there. Little did I know that it was part of an April Fool’s joke that Think Geek played on every fanboy and fangirl. But now Think Geek is actually selling the sleeping bag. Who wouldn’t want this sweet Tauntaun to relax in while you enjoy watching The Empire Strikes Back?

bb2e tauntaun sleeping bag full addThe Tauntaun’s head is your pillow and the inside of the bag has printed intestines to make the inside of the sleeping bag look like an actual Tauntaun. Plus the zipper is a plush lightsaber just like Luke’s that Han used in Empire to keep Luke warm while he set up camp for the night. It is fully licensed from Lucasfilm so you know you are getting the real deal. Needless to say, whether you are in need of a sleeping bag or if you’re a Star Wars geek you will sleep so well in this Tauntaun that the next day you will be strong enough to pull the ears of a Gundark.

d6a5 empire strikes back lunchboxAnother great thing that you will find at Think Geek is the Empire Strikes Back lunchbox. Whether you are going back to school or going to work this is the right lunchbox for you. How many times did someone take your lunch at work because it was in a brown paper bag like theirs and left you without a lunch for the day? It won’t happen when you take this to lunchbox to work. Who in their right mind would mess around with your lunch when you have the Sith Lord Darth Vader staring right at your co-workers? Answer: NO ONE! So you can relax and be rest assured knowing that the PB&J you brought to work will be safe and be kept cool just like Han in carbonite until you are ready to enjoy your lunch. If you are not one for taking lunch to work or school, well this lunchbox serves as a great collectible for all you Star Wars fans.

For the Tauntaun sleeping bag and The Empire Strikes Back lunchbox go to and make sure you check out the many other great Star Wars items on sale at their site. Trust your feelings, you know it is true!