Star Wars USB Flash Drives

wampa 03 e1294732177767 560x330USB flash drives are pretty much essential now because you need to have your computer files backed up and you need to be able to access them on any machine, anywhere, even if it doesn’t have Internet access.

But why get an ordinary USB drive when you can get one based on a character from your favorite movie? Yes, the fine folks at Mimobot have created Star Wars USB drives, with 16 characters to choose from, even my favorite, the Wampa. The devices come in 2, 4, 8 and 16GB.

Each USB drive contains pleasant surprises – several icons, avatars, folders, audio, and Star Wars desktop Mimobot images. It makes a great gift for Star Wars fans, especially Rebel Alliance spies who can use it to carry the plans for the Death Star back to base.

Here are more images of the Mimobot Star Wars characters, and you can see the full list on Mimobot’s site.