Stephen Colbert Has a Little Bag of Penises

colbert header 560x259I wish Stephen Colbert’s faux presidential campaign was legit. I’d sure as shit vote for him. Imagine how awesome the State of the Union addresses would be. I get downright giddy just thinking about the possibilities of a Colbert led America. Alas, he seems resigned to hosting the funniest half-hour on television instead, which is a super fantastic consolation prize because we get to be treated to his hilarious and often creepy sitdowns with famous people, like famed children’s author Maurice Sendak.

The seven-plus minute interview is packed full of win. Watch as Stephen discovers Sendak’s sexuality, pitches a Where the Wild Things Are sequel starring Vin Diesel and reveals his little bag of penises. It will all make sense in the end.

[Via Colbert Nation]