Sticke it to the Man Sticke Alt

O’Fallon Sticke it to the Man Sticke Alt

O’Fallon Brewery – O’Fallon, MO

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Information: Oddly, the O’Fallon site (which hasn’t been updated in a while) shows nothing about this sample, so, instead let’s figure out just what a sticke alt is (Wiki): The name Altbier, which means old beer, refers to the pre-lager brewing method of using a warm top-fermenting yeast. Over time the Alt yeast adjusted to lower temperatures, and the Alt brewers would store or lager the beer after fermentation, leading to a cleaner, crisper beer than is the norm for some other top-fermented beers such as British pale ale. Some Altbier breweries have a tradition of producing a somewhat stronger version known as Sticke Alt, coming from a local dialect word meaning “secret”. It is generally a seasonal or special occasion brew, and is stronger and sometimes darker than the brewery’s standard output.

APV 10%

I really love checking out beer styles I have never had. I mean I knew what an Altbier was, I just haven’t had one from its variety. Now a Sticke Alt is something different all together. I honestly had not heard of a ‘Sticke’ prior to this one, which just goes to prove I highly doubt I will ever run out of types of beer to try and to review. Thank God for small favors. Anyway, let’s pop this top.

The pour is honestly a rather unattractive ruby-hued dark brown with a bit of silt that settles to the bottom. The head is a slim, white cap that rapidly fades. The nose is quite rich with a malty and nutty undertone. There is a bit of a banana theme beneath it all mixed with something that could be strawberries and parsley. It’s a very interesting mix.

The taste is a bit lighter than you might guess from a beer that is so heavy alcohol wise. It’s malty, slightly yeasty, and even a tad astringent. But under those three there is a hint of pecan and maybe even banana, which was made evident in the scent. It almost has a bit of a liqueur quality to it, as though it had been sweetened somehow. It is certainly a taste that I have not experienced before and it is interesting to say the least. It isn’t a favorite specimen thus far, but it’s not from a lack of excitement, it’s just a little too alcoholic for the tastes it’s attempting to offer.

Rating: * * *
Stick it to the man with O’Fallon’s aptly named, Sticke it to the Man!