The StreamHD by Warpia

warpia box

If you have a sick HDTV and you are looking to enhance your entertainment center, one thing you might want to check out is the StreamHD by Warpia. With the StreamHD you can view online videos, slideshows, movies, and everything else that is on your computer on a flat screen TV in true 1080P (1920 x 1280) resolution.  You will be able to enjoy a 5.1-channel surround sound for the ultimate wireless home cinema experience. Did you see that it is wireless? That is a huge plus in my opinion. No messing around with wires, trying to conceal them or tie them up to make sure you entertainment system doesn’t look like it is a college dorm room!

warpia 2 300x300

The StreamHD comes with a USB PC dongle, video base with wireless USB receiver, a power supply unit, HDMI cable (which is sweet since most of the time you need to purchase an HDMI cable), SPDIF cable, Quick Start Guide, installation and a documentation CD. Plus the good folks at Warpia add a one-year warranty, and access to toll-free or online chat tech support.  So if you run into any installation issues (which you shouldn’t with the easy setup) you are just a phone call or mouse click away. The StreamHD uses ultra-wideband technology so it doesn’t reduce your wireless internet bandwidth and supports a 30-feet stream radius.  The StreamHD is compatible with Windows 7, VistaSP2, and XP SP3. One thing I would have loved that is missing is the Blu-ray playback from your computer to your TV.  Still one other great feature is the “mirror mode” where you can use your HDTV as a target display for your laptop or PC content, so you can also use the StreamHD in “mirror mode”, allowing your HDTV to mirror the same desktop screen as your computer simultaneously.

warps 1 300x300The StreamHD sells for $159.99 and you can pick one up at Warpia’s website or The StreamHD is a sweet gadget to purchase if you are looking streamline all your tech gear and boost up the quality to HD then the StreamHD is the right fit.