Strength and Sanity : Instrumental Metal

Strength SanityHere at Gunaxin, we have the pleasure of knowing some fairly talented people, and sometimes we like to share their work with you. Today, I’d like to turn you on to a new Instrumental Metal album by a friend of mine :

Strength and Sanity” is the work of bassist/composer Justin Almquist. More than 2.5 years in the making, he composed, performed, recorded and mixed the entire album. The result is an epic instrumental metal album that is sure to engage the listener from start to finish. Looking to push the boundaries of the “post-metal” genre, Strength and Sanity brings elements from the many sub-genres of metal along with the emotional weight of post-rock, ambient, electronic music, and the darker aspects of jazz and progressive. The result is a more technical album with strong melodies, compelling atmospheres, and huge riffs!

If you’re the type of person who understood any of that, than by all means check it out.

Perception by Strength and Sanity