Strip Club Makes Donation To Help Save Little League

jet strip header 560x396I’ve always known strip clubs were charitable, but I had not idea to what degree until now. Not only do they provide lonely, horny men (and some women) the opportunity to ogle nude and semi-nude “dancers” with low self-esteem and severe daddy issues, but they also pitch in to save struggling Little Leagues as well.

The Jet Strip (catchy), located near LAX in Lennox, California, ponied up a $1200 donation to help prevent the Lennox Little League from shutting down, thus providing hundreds of future strip club patrons the right to swing their bats and play with their balls.

The $1,200 contribution from the Lennox strip club – presented to the school board two weeks ago – as well as a $1,000 donation from the league in Westchester and another $600 from the Lennox Coordinating Council is enough to cover the increase in the Lennox league’s fees for one year.

But the bigger issue has to do with selling snacks, Roberto Aguirre says. Midway through last season, the school district, citing concerns about public health, quashed what has long been the league’s financial bread and butter: selling grilled foods such as hamburgers and hot dogs at the games. Now the league is restricted to selling packaged goods.

Is this what it’s coming to in our financially browbeaten country? You can’t even buy a $3 hot dog at a little league baseball game. What’s next, moving games to a parking lot? Sheesh.

It will take $65,000 to construct a snack stand that serves hot food, which once built would provide a steady stream of revenue that might keep the league from closing its doors permanently. Sadly, the amount is all but unreachable. Hmm…

Why not have the Jet Strip cater games? You know they have one of those kick-ass lunch/dinner buffets. Grab some of the ladies to help serve and, voilá! Problem solved. Because little league baseball and strippers go together like french fries and hamburgers.

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