Strongbow : Cider at Its Bestest

Strongbow 560x380 Strongbow Hard Apple Ciders are the number one selling global cider brand and best tasting hard cider at the 2014 World Beer Championships. Our friends at Strongbow recently sent us a variety pack to celebrate their two new flavors; Red Berries and Ginger. We shared them with family over Memorial Day weekend and everyone enjoyed them sitting cliff-side on a warm day overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. The variety pack, which also features Strongbow Gold Apple and Strongbow Honey, includes three bottles of each flavor and is sold nationally, available year-round.

We’re not the only folks to enjoy the new flavors, as Strongbow announced the launch of their latest television commercial starring legendary actor Sir Patrick Stewart. The witty national campaign highlights why Strongbow over ice is the “bestest” cider experience possible, so much that even a respected celebrity the caliber of Sir Patrick Stewart isn’t necessary: “Strongbow only needed ice and an award to promote its crisp, refreshing taste.”