Sunset Amber Lager

Michigan Brewing Company – Sunset Amber Lager

Michigan Brewing Company, Webberville, MI


Information: (Site)A refreshing, crisp and clean amber colored lager. Made in a Vienna-style with distinct caramel malt flavor and aroma.

As much as living in Michigan has become a taxing prospect at best, what with the economic worthlessness and the severity of the joblessness, it is still an amazing place in which to find some stunning beers. Thanks to the Michigan Brewing Company and its vast array of available beers, it was a quite nice prospect to find a 12-pack with such a lovely variety. This is the first beer from the set, and the rest will follow suit.

The initial scent is quite malty, but even with that, its nose is still rather light. Other than that, there really isn’t much going on. But this doesn’t necessary lead to a bad thing, it’s just that the wafting aroma is so very subtle. The head is lightly foamy and falls to a slight, white ring rather quickly. The color is a beautiful amber, obviously, but not as dark as an Amber Ale, for instance. A Lager tends to be a bit lighter in hue, and adding the amber lends to a much prettier rouge.

I have to admit right off the bat that it reminds me of drinking a Tootsie Roll! Seriously! No one outside the candy company really knows what goes on in that chewy goodness, but it’s obviously a caramel and fudge concoction, and this beer is so similar to its taste it’s almost as if they’d yanked the secret recipe! And it is very nice: light, zero bitterness, and ever so slightly earthy. But, far and away it’s the malty caramel notes that stand out the most. Very nice. But don’t assume that I mean this to be overly sweet or sugary, as that isn’t the case, but it has a really nice dessert quality just the same. This is an easy drinking beer better taken in sips where you can thoroughly enjoy its idiosyncrasies. Pair it with a saltier fare like pretzels. Sure, why not!

Rating: * * * 1/2
Not a mind-blowing brew per se, but it definitely gives back with its wonderful caramel notes.