Super Bowl Stats That Will Bruise Your Brain

Super Bowl XLVI Tickets e1328320711221 560x308Super Bowl XLVI is just around the corner. In a few short days, either the New York Giants or New England Patriots will be hoisting the coveted Lombardi Trophy amidst a shower of confetti. If form holds true, this season’s Big Game will feature memorable plays and perhaps a couple individual performances worthy of the record books.

When combing through the list of Super Bowl career leaders over at, I couldn’t help but notice a handful of head-scratching stats. We all know Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, Tom Brady and John Stallworth were dominant during their Super Bowl days, but some of the names and numbers might might be a bit surprising. Like the following:

Antowain Smith: Tied for 8th in rushing attempts

super smithFranco Harris. John Riggins. Roger Craig. Antowain Smith? Really? Smitty rumbled 44 times in two wins for the Patriots. Unless a diehard Pats fan, I can’t imagine most football aficionados pulling Smith outta their asses when answering Super Bowl trivia.

Rich Gannon: 5th in career interceptions

super gannon 300x244

Gannon’s dreadful five-interception Super Bowl XXXVII performance still ranks as the most ever in one game. To put this indignity in perspective, Roger Staubach and Terry Bradshaw combined to throw only eight picks in eight career Super Bowls. Unfortunately for Rich, he never got a chance to redeem himself.

Jake Delhomme: Longest pass in history

super delhomme 300x234

Of all the legendary signal callers to participate in Super Bowls, Delhomme sits atop the heap for longest pass in history: an 85-yard touchdown strike to Muhsin Muhammad in SB XXXVIII. Not too shabby for a guy who has chucked ten touchdowns and 25 picks during the last two seasons.

Rex Grossman: 7th highest completion percentage in one game

super grossman 560x315

Sexy Rexy went 20-28 in Super Bowl XLI. That’s the good news. The bad news is he threw a pair of interceptions — one returned for a touchdown — and lost a fumble. Pretty much sums up Grossman’s mercurial career. Good one moment, atrocious the next.

Joseph Addai: Tied for 6th in career receptions

super addai 560x315

Addai’s 17 grabs in two Super Bowls is higher than Michael Irvin and Lynn Swann, who each snagged 16 balls in a combined seven appearances. By the way, he’s a running back, not a wide receiver, in case you forgot. I realize Peyton Manning checks down a lot, but geesh…

Jim McMahon: Tied for 6th in career rushing touchdowns

super mcmahon 300x295

Jimmy Mac ran for as many scores in one Super Bowl as Larry Csonka and Roger Craig did in three, and John Riggins did in two. McMahon, Matt Suhey and William Perry rushed for four total touchdowns in SB XX. Meanwhile, Walter Payton had zero. Weird.

Joe Jurevicius: 7th in career yards per catch

super jurevicius 231x300

He only caught four passes for 78 yards in Super Bowl XXXVII, but his 19.5 yards per catch is still good enough to be included among the likes of John Stallworth, Art Monk and Max McGee. If you knew Jurevicius was on this list, you need to get out more.

Mike Vrabel: Tied for 6th in career receiving touchdowns

super vrabel

Vrabel, a linebacker, is in the same elite company as Michael Irvin, Gary Clark and John Taylor when it comes to touchdown catches on Super Bowl Sunday. Vrabel, a linebacker, has more trips for six (2) than Issac Bruce, Hines Ward, Randy Moss, Reggie Wayne and Terrell Owens. Crazy.