Super Sounds for Superhero Headphones

Listen up fanboys because I got the only brand of headphones you will ever need. They are the Coloud headphones. They have teamed up with Marvel to bring you these “Amazing,” “Fantastic,” and “Uncanny” set of headphones. You can choose from some of your favorite Marvel Comic Heroes, from the retro X-Men, Wolverine, Iron Man, Hulk, and the Punisher.  I was able to test out the retro X-Men set.

Marvel Coloud Headphones

When I first got the headphones I loved the headphone box. It had some old X-Men comics on the box and had the traditional X-Men logo on it as well. I opened up and was pleased with the cord length. It was not too small and not too long. You know the long cords I am talking about right? The ones you could strangle the whole Brotherhood of Mutants with! Now moving on the sound, I tested the phones in a portable DVD player, iPod, and laptop. The headphones produced a great sound out the three devices.

Coloud wants to make sure that not only will you look good with your headphones, but that their products give you a comfortable fit. They wrap around my head and fit perfectly on my ears. The cans cancel out some of the sound around you so there isn’t a need to keep the volume on blast while you are using the headphones.

I loved the feel of the headphones, the sound and the look. At $39.95 these headphones are a must have to add to your Fanboy collection.  Not into comics? Well, nobody’s perfect but Coloud has all types of headphones. They have designs from Star Wars, Hello Kitty, Fame, and the NHL. For more information and to purchase your headphones go to