Superhero Team Family Trees

X MenLegacy FinchPoster 560x162With the ongoing popularity of The X-Men and the Fantastic Four, and the excitement generated by this summer’s upcoming Avengers movie, some of us might be wondering, “Hey, aren’t those teams like super huge and always swapping members?” Okay. Maybe not many of us are wondering this, but there are a few.

Regardless, the answer is ‘Yes’, these teams are and were incredibly huge — even a team called, ironically, the Fantastic FOUR — featuring an often revolving-door of members. And it isn’t always easy to keep track, especially considering that — best illustrated in the case of the FF — so much of the ‘team’ is actual family. So, here are three Infographics featuring all of the current and past heroes on each team. Enjoy! Oh, and it might help a little to know who each of these people are, since this guy (presumably Joe Stone) didn’t name anyone. Have fun!

avengersfamilytree 1 560x806

xmenfamilytree 560x791

o fantastic four family tree infographic 560x792